Sunrise from Buzludza

View to Triglav massif

To meet the dawn from Buzludza is an amazing experience that is worth getting up early. Especially when a date launches first spring month.

So, on March 1, 2016 got up early and at 6:30 I arrived at the monument of Buzludza waiting for sunrise. Although not see the sun itself, its morning light illuminated a large part of Bulgaria and revealed fabulously fantastic views.

I never imagined that from the ridge of Stara Planina can be seen Rila and with the naked eye. Fortunately the air was very clean and had a vision, as I said above over a large part of Bulgaria. There was clearly view to Veliko Tarnovo and far behind to the Danube plain, on the other side - Rila and Rhodope Mountains. And I even thought that far to the southwest and saw the higher peaks of Pirin Mountain.

View to Rila mountain during the sunrise View to Rila mountain before the sunrise View to Rhodopes mountain during the sunrise View to TEC Marica 2 View to Triglav massif View to Veliko Tarnovo View to Triglav massif View to Triglav massif