The first sunrise in February 2019

Sometimes fate offers you unique opportunities to take advantage of.

I do not know for what reason, but on February 1st I woke up about 6 o'clock, and as much as I kept my eyes I could’n fall asleep again. I decided to get up and see the dog in the other room. I looked out the window and was amazed.

Outside, the thin Moon, Venus, and Jupiter had shone in a line above the horizon, and over the mist wrapped Veliko Tarnovo. The three celestial bodies stood very close to each other on the sky.

There is no way to sleep anymore. I set up the photo equipment, took the dog and went by car to the village of Arbanassi.

And up there in the village of Arbanassi, a magnificent view revealing the incredible beauty of the Pre-Balkan and Veliko Tarnovo. Well, Tarnovo itself was not visible except Tsarevets Patriarchy. The fog had hidden the city in its white diaper, but that was what made the view admiring.

To the south were the tops of the Stara Planina mountain from Bedek peak to the peaks to the west of Vezhen.